Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Latest Frost

I wish I could say the last frost, but Sunday looks a bit iffy. My lovage plant was doing great but I guess the warm weather last week forced it just a little too much. Lovage is a herb with a flavor similar to celery. Its leaves add a celery-like flavor when added to a recipe near the end of cooking time. It is a perennial plant that comes back in the spring. You might find hollow lovage stems used as straws in your bloody Mary at a trendy New York City restaurant. Apparently those hollow stems don't like frost at all. They are not just droopy but bent in half. This plant will have to be cut back. I was unaware of its weakness. Today is a beautiful , warm and sunny day. The garden will remain uncovered tonight ready for tomorrow's predicted rain, but the plants in pots are coming back in the house.

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GardenJoy4Me said...

Hello there Becky ! I think we had our last frost yesterday (hopefully ?) ... I have also read that "lovage" is a great companion plant for grape vines .. it invigorates them some how .. it is an all purpose plant indeed !