Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Fringed Polygala, My Favorite Wildflower

Of all the wildflowers that grow here at the stone wall garden, I think Fringed Polygala, or Gaywings is my favorite. They bloom around the time of Mother's day depending on the weather. I never saw these tiny little orchids until we moved here. You have to watch carefully. They are very small and hard to spot, but when you do it's a real "Eureka!" moment. The funny thing is once you find one, if you stand in that place and look around you always see more. Why the first one is so much harder to see is a little bit of a mystery to me.

My friend Ingeborg always said: "If you want to improve your mood,don't take St. John's wort. Go look for it." It's too early in the year to look for St. John's wort, but looking for Fringed Polygala sure worked for me. OK the warmer weather didn't hurt any!

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Tatyana said...

Hi Becky! I've never heard of this plant. It is lovely! I also like what your friend says about improving our mood.