Saturday, May 9, 2009

Safe Behind Bars?

The two remaining dwarf ginseng plants now live under a cage. They share their cell with a stinking Benjamin, wood sorrel, Canada Mayflower, ferns and moss.I can only hope it will keep these two plants from being nipped off. I know caged wildflowers seems like an oxymoron, but we just have to try.

This picture shows the blossom of the medium size plant. The largest plant with 5 leaves per stem got nipped. This one has four leaves and the smallest three. A tiny bug is sipping nectar from a tiny white flower. The round ball of flowers is only the size of a marble.

The first Baltimore oriole was sighted today in the very top of an apple tree.They are so beautiful! I'm glad to see it, but it reminds me that my lilies will need some protection.Where did I put that bird netting?

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Tatyana said...

I've never seen it before, it's beautiful!