Sunday, June 16, 2019

Deer Day Care

We are located near the edge of several square miles of relative wilderness.  A seasonal road crosses this forest but it is basically wild here.  Why then did mom drop off her twins here to explore and feed in our garden directly in front of our home?

Clove Currant leaves were a choice for casual grazing and now Blue Eyed Grass is disappearing.  Both plants are native but the currant's natural range is far west of here.  These wild animals are very near our house.  This does not seem right.

Both fawns still can be seen just past the right end of the bench.  Click on the picture and enlarge it to get a better look.  Mom must have been nearby as the twins were suddenly  gone.  These animals are simply too comfortable here despite my frequent loud shouts.

Friday, June 14, 2019

Longest Name Here

Campanula portenschlagiana is the name of this particular plant.  Dalmation bellflower is its more commonly used name.  This plant is native to the Dalmation Mountains in Croatia.  We first purchased it because the catalog photo showed it growing from the vertical face of a stone wall.  We really did not expect that this plant would actually survive in such a location.  A small scrap of a plant was part of a mail order.  We pushed some garden soil into a joint in the wall and stuck the plant in this unlikely location.  How to water it was a concern but as you can see this plant grew just fine in its new location.  Spreading to the horizontal top of the wall was the plants idea and required no help from us.  Additional new growth anchored itself in nearby joints in the dry stone wall.  A chemical reaction between stone and vegetation produces nutrients for additional plant growth.

Purple flowers are favored here and additional plants would make a beautiful addition to the wall down by the road.  Winter hungry deer have eaten the exposed growth back to the wall.  This plant did regrow but several year's of new growth were needed to create this bold presentation.  Since the first attack, we have placed a wire cage over the plant.  An unattractive cage in place for several months is not an option by the road since our wall was placed on the property line.  For now this impressively attractive plant will remain only in our garden near the house.