Friday, May 8, 2009

The Agony of Defeat

Ed has been walking to the back woods daily hoping to get a picture of the dwarf ginseng in bloom. Instead of that this is the reality of the situation. After waiting so long to find this plant again, finding it nipped off like this was disturbing. The culprit's identity is unknown. A cage will be placed over what's left of the plant and the two smaller plants. Somehow a galvanized wire cage in the woods is a contradiction at some level. If the nipper is large , the cage will protect the plants from future harm. If he is small, our interference with nature will be ineffective. I can only hope that the stem with the remaining leaves, and the time the plant had with leaves will be enough to sustain the roots. Some wildflowers disappear completely when picked. I hope this is not one of those. When it comes to wildflowers it's best to leave them be. They have enough predators without adding humans to the list.

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