Monday, May 4, 2009

The Shade Garden Grows

If you sit on the shade garden wall, you can see the flowers up close. Last year I learned that white trilliums turned pink as they aged, but I never realized how beautifully streaked they are. What a delight to get such an intimate look. A few plants have been moved into the bed before it is finished much like what happens when you move into a new house. Somehow things take a little longer, and projects get just a little bigger than the original plans .

Shade garden work moved to the top of Ed's to do list today. Plastic mulch and wood chips were placed around the outside edge of the wall. The first run of the lawn mower revealed that something needed to be done about the grass next to the wall. Stones waiting on the lawn needed to be moved. Placing them on the wall seemed to be the simplest solution. It was a great day for wall building. The weather was cool, cloudy and comfortable. Buds are opening on the locust tree. Leaves will follow quickly so our shade will be arriving soon making this a great place to work on a sunny day.

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Janet said...

It is looking good!! Love how you have changed the header photo as the season is progressing. I like that pink trillium.