Monday, May 25, 2009

Dinner On The Patio

Today was a truly busy day. I visited the garden of a dear friend and exchanged a few plants. Ed worked in the garden all day and we planted some plants in the evening. It's very late but this unknown green-eyed spider eating a rather pretty, but completely unwelcome tent caterpillar is too cool to miss. I really wanted to find out what kind of spider he is. With his green eyes and gold markings I thought he would be easy to identify. It's a snap to find a picture of a spider whose name you know. The reverse process is much more difficult. Mostly I came up with adds for exterminators. Obviously this spider has some fine qualities, and as long as he stays outside he's welcome here. One less tent caterpillar is a very good beginning.

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Janet said...

Great title, no what I was expecting when I opened the webpage. Love the long distance photo of the homestead....actually have enjoyed all the photos as the seasons have changed.