Saturday, May 30, 2009

Gifts For The Gardener

What gift could be more perfect for a gardener than new plants for his new shade garden. Wow! Amy presented Ed with three bloodroot and two twin flower plants. Bloodroot is a favorite wildflower that has given us some challenges in the past. This time we hope the new shade garden will be just the spot for it to thrive. Twin flower is a new plant for us. It's tiny, almond scented, twin flowers look like something a fairy might carry around during a dance in the garden. With the raised shade garden it's possible to sit on the wall and get down to sniff the lovely fragrance of these tiny beauties and still get up again.

After planting the plants Ed was off to the woods to get some forest floor to use for mulch. Let's hope the new arrivals like their accommodations!

1 comment:

Jan (Thanks For 2 Day) said...

I hope they'll thrive for you;-)

I really enjoy the view of your land in your headder photo! It's great to see it all like a nice overall shot of where you live! Hope you're enjoying the nicer weather up there!