Saturday, April 25, 2009

What Will This Be?

I love butterflies. It is part of my garden plan to include as many plants that attract butterflies as possible. I don't just plant the flowers, but the plants preferred by the caterpillars too. Yesterday while cleaning up under one of the
apple trees, Ed found this chrysalis. I recognize some kinds, but I don't know this one. I have a wonderful caterpillar book that shows the caterpillar and the moth or butterfly, but this step is missing. I will keep checking on this one, but I would have to be very lucky indeed to see what crawls out of this chrysalis. Does anyone recognize this one?

Just for the record after frost yesterday the temperature was in the high eighties today!


Blue Fox said...

Gulp - I wonder how many times in my frenzied cleaning up that I've chucked the poor chrysalis of a butterfly on the burn pile? Oh, how awful, I vow to be more careful! I love your walled garden, in your header - fabulous!

Alice Joyce said...

Beautiful header image, too. Just left you a comment on Blotanical. Have a lovely day (hope it's springlike)! Alice