Saturday, April 4, 2009

Plants On The Move

Our spring ritual of carrying plants outside during the day has begun. I am so encouraged by the new green growth on the lemon verbena plants. They don't look at all like dead sticks this year. Now that they can get out for some sun and rain they should do great. We just have to bring them back inside when the weather turns cold.

Many more plants will be joining them there. We had a box hanging from the mailbox yesterday. At first I thought it was some yarn I was expecting,but it was too soon for that. Then I thought it was my onion plants, they can be planted outside now. Nope,it turned out to be some perennials that I ordered during those dark cold days of February. Apparently then April seemed like far distant spring to me. May 15th would have been a better arrival time for this surprise package. I'll try to be more careful about that next year. In the meantime my new plants will have to be placed in pots and sent to join the lemon verbenas on the wall.

When it warms up today the plants will get to be out in some real rain. I know they will love it.

We started some of our seeds today. Basil, parsley, peppers,and some lettuce all got their start today.


Bangchik and Kakdah said...

.... I guess the plants are enjoying spring as much as we are .. happy spring becky! ... cheers ~ bangchik

GardenJoy4Me said...

We are getting REAL rain here girl ! But I try not to look at the back garden where it is such a mess with all the junk sitting there OFF the deck and no shed to put it in right now. YUCK !
I so LOVE lemon verbena .. the scent is amazing and I was addicted to it last year .. I hope to find more this year again : )