Friday, April 24, 2009

Fog, Frost & Free Fun

This morning we awoke to both fog and frost. Usually it's one or the other but not this time. The sun wasted no time in burning off the fog, and then melting the frost. For awhile there were white shadows everywhere the sun didn't reach. The daffodils were drooping, but now at 9 AM it's warm, the frost is gone and they are back to being their cheery selves.

Ed is already outside having fun with his free wood chips. Trees were being trimmed along the road and the crew left us with a huge pile of free wood chips. Nothing, but nothing is more fun for a gardener than using free stuff in the garden. Free wood chips, free leaves , free manure, free stones... what could be better? I'm sure that's part of the charm of building walls from the stone we have here. I guess it also explains my love for plants that self seed . I love a bargain, but free can't be beat!

What a glorious day to be out in the garden. We were just about to come inside for lunch when Ed spotted a raccoon over by the compost pile. He was a beautiful specimen and loped over behind the garden shed. I was headed inside anyway, but now I moved just a bit faster. I'm not really that scared, but in the middle of the day it's a little unsettling to see one so close. Ed was really that scared. He was between Becky and the raccoon. The raccoon covered a lot of ground quickly when he determined that it was time to go. Fortunately it rolled on down the driveway away from us.

In the afternoon when we went over to check on the new arbutus plant, I got a glimpse of a ruby-crowned kinglet. I spent a few minutes watching this cute little bird flitting around in the brush. Being the second smallest bird in New York State and subdued in coloring, I was lucky to see it.

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Michelle said...

And don't forget free plants from friends! I love to exchange plants, seeds, etc with gardening friends.