Sunday, April 26, 2009

I Forgot My "Weeding" Glasses

It's another 85+ April day today. I watched three deer cross behind the stone wall early this morning. They were jumping, twitching and flicking their ears. I found the bug repellent before I headed outside. I would so like to avoid last spring's swelling and hives adventure. Once outside I chose the bed in front of the house to do a little weeding. The dirt has really warmed there. The pink poppy seedlings and the dill are beginning to come up. With the reflected sunlight off the white house that is our warmest garden spot. I weed with careful attention watching for the things I want to grow. It didn't take very long for the heat to drive me to a place where I could work in the shade.

The patio on the west end of the house is shaded in the morning. I chose to work there. The first thing I had to do was come in the house to get my glasses. Last year when the red creeping time was cut back after flowering, I sprinkled the cuttings here on the patio. The wind blew the cuttings away, but some of the seeds stayed.The picture you see is a tiny little red creeping thyme plant perhaps three eights of an inch across. It's very hard to tell a tiny thyme plant from a tiny speedwell plant. I carefully weeded the patio, happily finding several more tiny thyme plants. I also cut back some of the dead growth on the older thyme plants.

While I was out there I saw a wild turkey. I also saw a crow fly off with a small snake hanging from its beak. Those pesky crows are good for something!

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littlefish said...

Well, you should come to our website, and get a pair of real Weeding Glasses! You'll love them. The bifocal sun reader is designed so that you can get all the protection of a sunglass, then look down and see clearly thru the magnification portion. And with the hand painted flowers, they're just fun! Great for weeding, or just sitting in your hammock reading. P.S. Love your blog and it was funny seeing you say Weeding Glasses! Thanks.