Thursday, April 30, 2009

Surprise Package

My box of plants from Roots and Rhizomes arrived this week during 80+ degree our heat wave. Each plant was encased in brown paper and the box was packed with packing peanuts. It was a real surprise package since we ordered these plants the first week in February and had pretty much forgotten what was coming.

Here they are released from their solitary confinement, looking a little pale and pathetic. The Echinacea, "Arts Pride" and the Siberian iris, "Roaring Jelly" were sealed in plastic bags. We planted these immediately since they are still dormant, even though the weather seems to be returning to normal. This of course meaning that our June 1 frost safe date is still in force. Siberian iris, "Butter and Sugar " are on back order.

After their photo op, Ed transplanted these plants into slightly larger pots. They will be joining our carry out during the day, and carry in at night brigade for the next month. I'm sure they will perk up and green up in no time. I can use the month to decide where to plant them. I must have had some idea in February,but now my vision is less clear.

These are the exciting garden days with so much growth and promise of things to come. There are weeds to pull, flowers to deadhead, beds to prepare, seeds to plant, and the lawn to mow. We stay outside and play until we are good and tired. It makes for a deep and peaceful sleep with a few sore muscles thrown in. We couldn't be happier!

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GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi Becky .. your place is going to look gorgeous once it all starts growing !
I have a mail order coming too .. mostly ornamental grasses which I thought was a good idea at the time .. not so much now though .. my back garden is a bomb site with the deck company trying to drill for cement footings .. all I want is a normal season with me having fun in the garden ? LOL