Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Wall's Coming Around.

The shade garden wall is growing. Ed was out first thing after breakfast this morning working on his wall. It gets so much more exciting when the end is in sight. In this case there will be no end of course because the wall is coming back to the spot where it began.

This wall has been different for Ed. He's a very linearly symmetrical kind of guy and this wall is neither circular nor oval nor regular and varies in height. Yes, he is using the level for the top of the wall. The center stone below the level is the one being placed. We can't go completely wild can we?

The brush alongside of the driveway was visited by an unusual bird today. I saw an all black head and bib. The breast flashed red. Black wings and tail were tipped with white. It might have been a rufous sided towhee. I hope I get another look.

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