Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Chilling Out

Outside the garden is in a holding pattern. It's chilly and snowing. Here the green grass is still showing, but my friend at just a slightly higher elevation, has snow on the ground. This is not unusual weather for April here. Sometimes we get some serious snow in April or May.

Ed took the opportunity to get the rest of the inside seeds started. My onion plants arrived today. We opened the box, admired the plants and put them aside in the basement to chill out until they can be planted outside.


Janet said...

Brrrr -r-r- man! Spring is taking its own sweet time isn't it?

J said...

The wind in Hebron was fierce yesterday, my friend Betty told me. She was without power for a long time during the day. And then snow the day before. We will enjoy the warmth when it finally gets here, that's for sure!