Monday, April 20, 2009

We Went Wild !

We took a trip yesterday and went just slightly astray stopping at the Catskill Native Nursery in Kerhonkson, New York. We went there on purpose of course with a short list of plants we were looking for: wood lily, wintergreen, yellow clintonia , white trillium and yellow violet. They didn't have the wood lily. There are many yellow violets. The chosen one was not available but another was. The rest of the plants on our list were there. Yes,we did buy some other plants that Becky just couldn't resist: shooting star (pink and white), Dutchman's breeches, round leaf hepatica and a primrose. There was one more thing that I was not expecting to find.

Trailing arbutus is one of my favorite wildflowers. We have some growing here, but it is along a deer path on the side of a steep hill that we now find treacherous. It's a plant whose fragrance will make you drop to the ground to get a better whiff. This was a unexpected and thrilling find. We will do our best to provide perfect conditions for it and our other new "wild" plants in a place where we can enjoy them.

When buying native wildflowers there are concerns about the source of the plants. I hope these plants were raised in nurseries and not wild collected. The plants are so well taken care of and beautiful . I have to think that the owner of this nursery is conscientious. I like to shop on Ebay too but I don't like the idea of buying "hot stuff!"

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My name is Sarah said...

"Hot plants" really? Like could you go to jail for that? LOL. Have fun planting.