Saturday, April 18, 2009

What's Up Doc?

This morning I watched a big mama rabbit carry something from under the clove currant bush over to the south side of the stone wall, and then return to beneath the clove currant. E.F. went out to take a shot at catching her, but she's a speedy one. What was she up to?

The south side of the stone wall looks fine at first glance. The cage on the Giant Glory of the Snow does stick out into the path, but I just had to save some of the flowers from the rabbits. Uh Oh!

A closer look from a rear entrance perspective shows what is going on. Plans for raising a family right in the middle of my garden are being made. She was carrying the grass that lines her nest. It is a lovely spot for a nest. The aroma of the onions would hide the bunny smell. With a hidden private entrance next to the stone wall, this spot is almost perfect. Unfortunately for her, the landlord here is mean. Eviction proceedings start now. This could get ugly!


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Kim and Victoria said...

Oh no! You're going to evict Mama Rabbit???
Ha ha. Good luck.
I'm glad we don't have rabbits to worry about at least.