Monday, April 6, 2009

Bunny Brunch

I nearly missed getting a picture of my new Giant Glory of the Snow .The clumps of flowers were so beautiful and this is the last remaining bloom. As you can see it too is slightly damaged.I'm aware that the Stone Wall Garden is the place to be if you are a rabbit. I'm sure Mr. Rabbit went home to his burrow and said, "Honey, I saw the most delicious looking flowers when I went by the Stone Wall Garden.I haven't taken you anyplace really nice for awhile.You're wearing such a lovely fur. Let's splurge!"

Unfortunately I get stuck picking up the tab every time. I actually had no idea that early spring bulbs would be so inviting to the rabbits. The bulb catalogs don't say " These bulbs are especially good for attracting rabbits to your garden." This restaurant needs a better bouncer and more wire to keep out unwanted patrons.

Today we are getting a nice spring rain with the temperature in the fifties. The grass is greening and the trees are getting some color almost while you watch. Maybe an acre of green grass will take some of the rabbit pressure off the garden plants. I hope so!


Tatyana said...

Oh, those rabbits! There are so much grass around, but they want some delicacies from our gardens!

Janet said...

What a pretty blue. Rabbits. aurggghhh!

Anonymous said...

You apparently didn't tell those bunnies that they were not welcome in your garden restaurant! The stinkers.