Friday, April 10, 2009

Onion Planting Begins

Yesterday warmed up beautifully and Ed lost no time in getting onion plants in the ground.It's a satisfying feeling to get started on the planting for a new garden year. Copras and Red Zepplins are under the first two cages. The cages are there because we have problems with something, perhaps crows , pulling the new plants out of the ground. Potato onions and shallots are planted between the cages. The next cage will be Walla Walla, Ringmaster and Mars. Bought in a sampler pack, they will be mixed although Ed tries his best to separate the kinds.

I placed flat stone markers to keep track of where things are planted.I write on both side of the stones with permanent marker. The sun tends to fade the lettering, but the downside remains intact. Every year I plan to mark everything we plant in this way. So far so good.

Today looks like another wonderful day to be out there. Time to go!

We had a fabulous time in the garden. It was warm and the sky was blue with just a few wispy white clouds. Looking up we watched a bald eagle soar on the air currents. His wings held flat, he rode the wind using very slight wing movements to change his direction. We watched for a long time and never saw a single flap. Eventually he became a tiny speck in the distance on the other side of the river valley.What a treat!

Now the clouds have rolled in and the temperature is dropping. Rain is beginning to fall. What a fun day in the garden!


Rachel Claire said...

What a beautiful unique garden. Love the walls and stone floors, so neat and exact, spacious - a very loved environment. The bench is so inviting. I'll have to read your blotanical info, this is my first visit to you. Onions is next on my list too. Enjoy! Rachel

Taylor said...

It's so exciting to see the gardens getting started!

Michelle said...

The birds loved the shoots of the garlic bulbils that I planted this year. I love your idea for stone markers, much prettier than the white plastic ones that sprout in my garden.