Thursday, April 16, 2009

Primitive Playthings

One of the visitors to our garden yesterday was a three year old boy. He was not interested in the plants , or the flowers. The delicious smelling lemon verbena leaf I gave him dropped quickly to the ground. It was the walls and the stones that captured his eager imagination. Soon he had collected and built a stack of stones. One of them he was sure must be solid gold. He took his treasures with him. We certainly have stones to spare here. How wonderful to share in the child's delight of our stone piles.

At this point in out lives Ed and I both have a firm grip on the child within. It's one of the things we really like about each other. Time spent together looking at interesting stones,watching the wildlife and puttering around with our ongoing garden projects is precious. Today Ed is working on his stack of stones.More fascinating stones are being placed in the shade garden wall. If we keep looking we might find another one that's sure to be solid gold. If not, it's the fun of looking that is important.

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Anonymous said...

Behold wonder. :-) That has become my favourite mantra lately. And I do love stones and rocks.