Friday, December 21, 2012

Winter Arrives Right On The Solstice

Last night it rained hard most of the night.  This morning we watched as the rain changed to sleet and then to snow.  It was dizzying to look out the windows for awhile.  Huge snowflakes were falling fast past the windows.  Without the movement the effect is lost, but the large snowflakes are evident anyway.  Some things that the eye can see just can't be shown in a two dimensional picture.

By 9:00 AM the garden was covered in white.   There was a lull in the storm and  at 2:00 PM, the snow continues, but now it is falling at a leisurely pace.  The previous sickening feeling is replaced with a calmness.  Snowflakes float leisurely to the now white ground.  Soon darkness will fall and winter will officially be here.  Tomorrow's daylight will be just a little longer than today's.  

We have reached the sun's turning point.  Spring is up next.  It's time to begin thinking about next year's garden.  Catalogs are already piling up on the coffee table.  My good friend, Linda Cook Devona 's illustration on GreenPrints  cover pictures how I love to spend a snowy winter day.  Clearly, it's time to begin ordering seeds!


DeVona said...

Hi, Becky! It's indeed a stay-inside day today, too! Wishing you both a great Christmas and great gardening new year!

Beth at PlantPostings said...

Oh gosh, so pretty! It looks very similar to my garden, except that we got 15 inches of snow from one storm. Wonderful description about how "some things the eye can see just can't be shown in a two-dimensional photo. I feel that way often, too. Your photos are gorgeous, though!