Monday, December 31, 2012

Goodbye 2012

We were hoping for a brilliant sunset to close this year.  Clouds near the horizon at this time of day sometimes create great beauty but today's display was rather ordinary.  Snow coated pines and blue sky combine with unmarked snow on the ground to make a calm and satisfying image.  Mature eagerness colors our expectations for 2013.  Plans are forming to try at least one new project next year.  We do not require success.  We simply enjoy the effort and whatever the experience brings us.

Older houses with uninsulated  attics sport incredible hanging ice sculptures in this weather.  Our insulated attic contributed nothing to this icicle.  Clear skies and temperatures in the upper twenties combined to melt then freeze the snow on the overhang of our roof.  Becky tried to catch a drip falling free.  I can find no explanation for the series of bulges formed by melt water at below freezing air temperatures.

A final image of man and his machine will close out 2012 for us.  Best wishes for a healthy and happy 2013.

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