Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Venus and The Crescent Moon

This morning I awoke to a view of the moon and Venus rising  above the ridge that is visible out the bedroom window.  It was an amazing sight.  Ed went outside in the cold darkness to take pictures.  This is the best one, but it hardly does justice to the cosmic event.

A few minutes later, the moon had risen  a bit higher over the ridge.  When the sun was just beginning to light up the sky, we  watched in awe for  a few minutes, but grey clouds quickly rolled in obliterating the view.  It was one of those fleeting opportunities so often missed.  This morning We were lucky enough to wake up and take notice.  The pictures are a bit fuzzy, but our memory if this morning's moon and Venus rising is crystal clear.


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HolleyGarden said...

What an awesome sight. I rise up early enough, but never think to look outside. I'm too busy trying to get some coffee down me! Now I regret not taking the time to glance outside to see what I've been missing.