Sunday, September 26, 2010

Moonflowers And Tuberose

Much to my surprise with the warmer weather the moonflowers have been blooming for several evenings. Night before last it was warm in the garden and moonlight reflected on the white flowers. It is interesting that the four moonflowers that opened just after sundown were wilted by 4:00 AM. Last night was somewhat cooler and cloudy. With the overcast skies the three flowers that opened last night were still open and gorgeous into the afternoon. What an unexpected thrill and pleasure to have these big fragrant blossoms to enjoy!

At long last the tuberose buds have begun to open. The other night when it was so cold and the tuberose were safely inside on the landing, even the closed buds were releasing a perfume literally so heavy that you could smell it in the basement , but not upstairs in the house. It's a sweet familiar scent. My first thought was of some bath soap from my distant memory. The fragrance is a little like lily of the valley, but different. The flowers are waxy and have little scent during the day, but when the sun goes down, WOW!

Since the weather has warmed, and because the aroma from just a couple of open blossoms is powerful, the tuberose is back outside in the garden. The air is filled with fragrance meant to entice night-flying pollinators. It's easy to see why these flowers were so popular back when bathing was an uncommon occurrence. This plant fills the garden with fragrance.

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