Sunday, June 19, 2011

A Walk with Dad, Photos by Amy

 Today being  Father's Day and gorgeous to boot, it was only natural that Amy and Ed take a walk around the place. I stayed back. Only my shoes made the trip.  This wild rose grows in the back along the fence line. I've always loved this rose. It has a lovely scent and nice rose hips. Ed took some cuttings for me so we can plant it closer to the house. I've never looked at it close up before . It has an interesting center.

Ed spotted an unknown flower. Amy took pictures so they could see if I would correctly identify it for them. My best guess was Salsify, but on looking in the book I found that Salsify flowers are pink. This is Yellow Goatsbeard, Tragopogon dubius. They' re in the same family so I was close. Tomorrow I'll go back to get a look at this flower. Apparently it is a morning flower and closes by noon.

The sweet flag that I planted years ago back by the pond is flowering. I hope Amy will forgive me. This photo is not up to her focus standards, but by the time I get back there to try again some critter will probably have eaten it.

The pond is full of duckweed and eggs. Mmmm nice frog's legs. I've always liked them best on the frog!

This is a really good looking frog. He could be a Prince, but they are so hard to catch!

This year a blue sky picture like this has been hard to come by.  It is a welcome sight.

The back meadow is deeply green. The  milkweed is just beginning to flower.

This large wad of "spit" on the Larch tree caught Amy's eye. We always called the owner of this spit wad a spittlebug. I really have no idea who the culprit actually is.

Mushrooms are fascinating too. Long ago I decided that fungus are best photographed and left alone.

Ed and Amy arrived back down the path to the garden just in time for lunch. What a memorable way to spend time together on Father's Day 2011!

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Beautiful garden !