Monday, June 6, 2011

Some People Buy Iris

I know that some people buy Iris. We get catalogs filled with all kinds of large , frilly, colorful iris. I can't even imagine how many named irises there are, since they have been a staple for cultivated gardens for so long. I must admit that I have never actually purchased an iris. All my iris are gifts from friends. This year the irises have been happy, and they have blooming like crazy. These  white iris were a gift from Jane. I have these same iris in another spot in the garden and they came from Sabina.

This is Amy's iris. She had never seen it bloom where it was growing before, and it took several years for it to bloom here.

This iris came from my mother. It has been around  as long as I can remember. The flowers are on the small side, but this iris will bloom no matter what. White and purple blossoms are bravely peeking out of the tall weeds in places where you would never believe they could grow.

I received lovely lavender iris  from Joann . The lavender iris that came from  Edith was so similar. At one time I kept the two apart, but now I 'm not sure which is which. In this case one flower reminds me of two friends.

This gorgeous purple iris was another gift from Jane. Last year it got nipped in the bud by frost, but it is making up for it this year.

This tall iris was also a gift from Jane. We have been waiting for this one to bloom and we were not disappointed.

This apricot iris came from Liz. It bloomed beautifully this year. The large frilly blossoms tend to snap their stems when the flowers get wet and this year they have been wet!.

This sunny yellow iris also came from Joann. It does very well here.

The white , yellow, lavender, apricot and mother's iris will all need  resetting this year. Perhaps I can find a friend to pass some of them along to. As I said, I don't buy iris, but sometimes I trade or give them to friends.

Of course I don't mean Siberian iris or Japanese iris or Dutch iris or that iris with the variegated leaves, but you know Iris!


Katie said...

I have never bought an iris either. We had an unusual one but moved it. It refused to bloom and now I have 'lost' it among the others. :-( It had multiple blooms along the stem, none over 3"s. White on top, purple falls, smelled very strongly like grape koolade! I miss it. Know of any? Katie in the hot, hot, hot (101•) south!

Donna said...

I have not been lucky enough to have friends pass along irises to mine are bought...and I love all irises..even the others...I do need to start dividing mine hopefully in spring...if I do I will remember to contact you...I have some beauties...I featured them in my current post...see any you like???

Gardening not Landscaping said...

I have never purchased an Iris either. I have a variety and have my eyes on a neighbors and am working on a trade- love your photos.