Monday, June 27, 2011

Hello Yellow?

As an avid butterfly enthusiast, I am a sucker for any plant that is supposed to attract butterflies. I especially love  Monarch butterflies in particular.  Because of this I'm always a soft touch when it comes to Aclepias. Never mind the fact that we have large area of regular milkweed, I still insist on buying other kinds.  I did get a pink A. curviceps that I love very much. But when you get into A. tuberosa, Butterfly weed, that things  don't exactly work out as hoped. This plant is called "Hello Yellow." HELLO!  This plant is ORANGE. It was shown completely  yellow in the van Bourgondien catalog. So far in my experience no matter what, when you buy butterfly weed you get orange. I once bought "Gay butterflies" in  a local nursery. The nursery man told me that he planted the mix, but I should expect to get orange. He was right. I got orange. Now I'm not a  big fan of the color orange, but for butterflies I make an exception. Like a kid who wants to continue to believe in Santa, I would still like to have this plant in yellow, but it's time to grow up and accept  the cold hard fact that Butterfly Weed is  orange.

At least the plant is doing great, and every notices it. Of course they do, it's the same color as the vest on a highway flagman.

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Donna said...

How far I have gotten yellow and pink and no orange....hmmm...we may need to do a bit of snipping and swapping...