Thursday, June 9, 2011

Bee Still My Heart

I'm always a little bit careful around  seriously medicinal plants like Digitalis, but the bumblebees are right at home in the interesting flowers. This picture shows a just a little bit of  bee backside.

 Boy that bumblebee is really buzzing up a storm in there. Filtering the sunlight through a pink foxglove flower changes the bee's color.

Once outside we can see the bee is actually bright yellow with a black rear end. He's just one of several kinds of bumblebees that we see here. I think the little bee to the right of the picture is a much smaller totally different kind of bee.

For several days we have been having hot, dry weather. Ed watered some with the watering can this morning . This afternoon we got  some rain courtesy of a thunderstorm. We are both  feeling better and making daily progress in the garden. Weeds get pulled and planting gets done. If this garden  race is like  the tortoise and the hare, this year we are definitely the tortoise!

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petka said...

Hello, I'm Petra from the Czech Republic (Central Europe). My English is very bad, sorry. I am enchanted from your garden, stone walls of your and your flowers. I look at the world map, where exactly is the New York State, because your nature is the same as our nature - with the exception of Monarchs and coyotes. I admire your work with stone - I have a garden with rocks and I am building a stone wall, but compared to you I'm Greenhorn :-) Good luck! Petra