Friday, September 24, 2010

Chicken Of The Tree?

This interesting looking fungus is growing on an apparently dead branch of our big wild cherry tree. I guess I would call this picture the front view.

This is the underside of the back of the same branch. I think I have seen this type of growth on the tree before. If this is "chicken of the woods", and if I ever ate wild mushrooms, I guess I would see this as a great thing. In fact, I'm more interested in the health of the tree. I have been told by Jane, a person who has spent almost eight decades wandering in the woods, that this is the biggest wild cherry tree she has ever seen. I would like it to get even bigger. Should Ed put removal of this branch on his long list of things to do or will the fungus grow only on the dead wood?

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Michelle said...

I would consult an arborist. Chicken of the woods, I hear, is bad news for trees.