Tuesday, April 8, 2008


If it looks like spring and sounds like spring it must be spring. The spring peepers and wood frogs  are calling. It's music to my ears.  I seldom see these cute little frogs, let alone take a photo of them. My nipped in the bud iris is flowering so bravely, standing there next to its perfect neighbor
I had to post it.

I have a few crocuses up. (Look for the bee!) They are the ones that are surrounded by lemon thyme. The bulb eating critter that ravished my bulbs doesn't seem to like them with lemon thyme on the side.

It's been wonderful in the garden the last few days. But in the bed by the porch I found something that made me call for E.F. Mama rabbit had a lovely hole dug, filled with soft grass. My fear was that there were baby rabbits in there. I covered my eyes as he dug with the spade, but it was a new nest. EMPTY! Timing is everything. We filled in the hole, the eviction is complete. Wait, didn't we do this before? Odds are we'll have to do it again.

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