Sunday, April 27, 2008

Spring Ephemerals

Trout Lily in the woods

Cultivated trout lily in the garden

Bloodroot with it's seed capsule (I missed the flower, I told you they go by fast)

Now is the time in the northeast for those beautiful wildflowers whose spring appearance is so very short. They have only the time from snow melt to tree leaf out to complete their life cycle for the year. I just came back from an amazing place near here. Trout lilies, white trillium, spring beauties, stinking Benjamin, meadow rue were all in bloom. The blood root finished blooming a few days ago. What a thrill, a whole hillside covered with wild flowers!

We have some wildflowers here at home. I try to take good care of them. If I want wild flowers for the cultivated garden, I get them from a good, environmentally aware source. The New England Wildflower Society is a great place to start.

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me and my camera said...

Trout Lilies! This is one of my childhood favourites. Our are not in bloom yet but I have been watching for a blosson in the many patches of their leaves I have found.