Wednesday, April 23, 2008

WILD Catnip

It's nice to see the return of the catnip. It is the one thing growing here that is a "cash crop." This strain of catnip was growing here when we came. It is a potent strain, and although I had no cat, I did have a pattern to knit catnip mice. I have made hundreds.

All my little kitty friends will be happy to get a new mouse with fresh catnip. Last year's supply ran out some time ago. The catnip will need some time to grow. It's at its best around the time it flowers. I have some mice all ready, just waiting to be stuffed.


Igor Mironov said...

What state do you live In? I live In a Small Town In Oregon called Athena, and I have found Wild catnip growing by the creek in town. Do you have any seeds? This Strain of catnip has purple on the bottom of the leaves. Please email me @

Becky said...

We are in upstate New York. I have never saved any seeds. This catnip is pinkish when it first comes up in the spring, but goes green once the weather warms up.