Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Deer Pruned Tree Peony

Looking at the new buds on my caged tree peony, I can't help but think perhaps I should hire the deer to prune for me.

Last fall I forgot to cage the plant as you see it now. During the winter the deer came by and ate the center out of the plant. I was horrified, surely the plant had met it's doom. I found a cage and surrounded the tree peony with wire, locking the barn after the horse had been stolen!

But now new growth is appearing, and guess where the new growth looks the best. Why where the deer pruned the plant of course. So again I need to learn more about being a ruthless pruner. We'll see how this tree peony does. If it needs to be pruned, will I have the nerve to do it myself, or let my doe eyed garden helpers do it?

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