Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Bluebirds and Tree Swallows

My view out the kitchen window

This morning while I was eating my breakfast, I was watching the tree swallows and bluebirds on the nest boxes. The bluebird was sitting tight on the box on the left, the tree swallows were on the right. But, soon the tree swallows swooped down on the bluebird repeatedly. They dive so fast and get so close! Now, I love tree swallows, but deep in my heart, I'm a die hard bluebird fan. So I was horrified to see a tree swallow hit the bluebird, and knocked off the nest box. My husband went out to check for an injured bluebird lying on the ground under the nest box. Of course the bluebird was not there, but has gone away for now.

Bluebird's view (I hope) of my kitchen window (The smaller one on the left.)

As soon as I was dressed, I got the camera and went outside. I positioned myself behind what I consider to be the bluebird box, and put the camera on top of the nest box. The tree swallows dived at me repeatedly, making a funny clicking sound. I took countless pictures as the brushed past my head. Every picture looked like this one. They are just too fast for me. They never actually hit my head, and thankfully bombing does not seem to be their style. So the part of this picture that you don't see is a tree swallow diving at your head. I only hope that my being there made the tree swallows want that box less, and not more. After all they have the other one.

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