Wednesday, April 30, 2008

White Trillium

White trillium in the wild

White trilliums along the edge of an evergreen woods

It's cold here today! It went down to 27 during the night. My husband still went out to work in the garden this morning, but there were little white flakes falling here and there. I stayed inside.

This afternoon we decided it would be nice to drive by, and revisit the wildflowers. The white trilliums were in their glory, standing proudly. This is the kind of weather they are accustomed to, and they love it. The spring beauties were like me, a little too cold. They were closed up tightly today, even though they were open before. The whole wild flower process has slowed back down to a more normal pace. There are lots of buds waiting for their usual May opening. This last April night will be another cold one. Tomorrow should be better. In 2008, it looks like May showers will bring the wildflowers.

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