Friday, April 25, 2008

Fresh asparagus

Last evening, just before dinner, I went out to the garden and cut the first asparagus of the season. There wasn't much, but I steamed it lightly and we shared it with great delight. I must say as a child I disliked the vegetable. It was usually overcooked and never picked fresh. This is one place where the home gardener has the advantage over the most expensive restaurant. The flavor of asparagus picked just before it is steamed is, well, different. It's one of our late April through mid June special treats.

I did not bounce right out of bed this morning, and my husband brought me coffee. That behavior is laudable and worth documenting. Thanks Honey!!! But as I relaxed and watched out the bedroom window, I saw movement in the trees beyond the garden. I watched for a few seconds to see what was moving just inside the the cover of the blueberry bushes. It was the coyote. He was headed east like he had someplace to go, not going fast, but not stopping to check anything out either. He (I say "he" here, I was not that close, nor would I want to be.) was a large, magnificent looking creature.

It was during my second cup of coffee when I noticed two huge turkey vultures on the ground near the garden. They were in the vicinity of a rabbit, thought to be responsible for pulling out the onion plants, who had a serious accident yesterday. These accidents usually happen nearer to the coyote's route. They are always gone by morning. Turkey vultures close up are quite a sight with their featherless red wrinkled head and awesome size. As they flew we got a great view of the feather pattern on the underside of their wings. Their primary flight feathers are pure white. Wow! I already had the start of goosebumps from the coyote, then the vultures added a few shivers. What a way to start the day!

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