Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Heavenly, Fragrant, Buffalo Currant

My gardening friend Elle gave me this plant. The original plant grew on her grandmother's farm in Bennington, NY. Since Elle was a nurse in WW2, you know this plant has been around for a long time, so it is a treasure. It always makes me think of her. She called it spice bush.

I have found it listed as buffalo currant or clove currant. Lewis and Clark carried a sample of this plant to Thomas Jefferson from their western exploration. Our eastern location must be missing the natural pollinator. We usually have numerous blossoms for a long time and few berries. Last year the hummingbirds returned in time to visit the blossoms. We had numerous berries last year.

It has just begun to open, and honestly with this cold snap, I hope it takes its time. These little flowers fill the garden with a spicy aroma that is fantastic. I look forward to it every year. Every breeze carries that delicious fragrance across the garden. Elle cut branches in bloom to bring this fragrance into her house. I think I will go and cut some for my house now. Thank you Elle.

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