Monday, April 21, 2008

Double Exposure

Now things are really beginning to heat up in the garden. The days when I had to search for something to take a picture of so I could blog, are gone. Now I have to make choices. I had a little trouble making up my mind today so we have two pictures.

When we dug up daffodils last fall and put in the alliums, this one got missed. It looks nice against the stone wall, standing so proudly all by itself.

The second exposure is my husband's well armored pea bed. It's our method for growing vegetables in the middle of a wildlife area. Since we like to eat the peas, we try to keep the deer and rabbits out. He uses 4" X 2" welded wire to built the cage. He bends the wire on the ends so that straight sections of wire can be fastened on with string in three places on each side. A row of chicken wire down the middle of the bed will support a double row of tall peas planted on each side. To weed or pick the peas, we just untie the string, and take off the side fence pieces. The peas are planted, and caged, so now we just need some rain!

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