Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Blue Birds and Flowers

The little dwarf iris are so amazing. These look like the flowers that a magician pulls out of his hat. It's been a busy day outside today. My husband is planting the pine trees we ordered as I write this. We are supposed to get some rain so the timing is perfect.

There's lots of bluebird activity today. Everyone wants the best nest box! All this squabbling helps to get their hormones going. I watched a group of male bluebirds doing just that, while a single female watched. What a delight to watch those flashes of dazzling blue. I don't know how impressed the female bluebird was, but they really do it for me! It amazes me how old I got to be before I ever saw a bluebird. Now I get to spend the summer watching them. It seems miraculous, and encouraging that something so formerly rare has become so familiar. The flash of brilliant blue lit by the sunlight as the birds fly is an exquisite sight. If you live in a place where you could have bluebird boxes, and you don't, you are missing a real happiness!

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