Sunday, April 6, 2008

Dwarf Iris, to Cage or Not to Cage

Blooms at last! The dwarf iris are beginning to bloom. They are a favorite of mine, so delicate and beautiful, but so brave and hardy. The snow drops, another favorite, are looking great!

It's a gorgeous day in the garden and the tree swallows are back. Of course that means the bugs are back as well, but I'm glad to see them anyway. I love the way they swoop around.

I made a start out there today. It's great to get that dirt under my nails again.

You might have noticed that we have wire cages of different sorts, here and there in the garden. I guess it's our version of the Great Wall of China, a defense against the plant marauders in the neighborhood. Below, you see a dwarf iris left unprotected. It has been nipped in the bud, the top left on the ground. Grrrr... And another dwarf iris inside a fence. "I know why the caged bird sings," well, why the iris blooms. It's because those darn deer can't bite them off.

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