Saturday, June 6, 2020

Where There Is Smoke...

Ed snapped this great picture of my Prairie Smoke plant.  All of the pictures I took of these delicate  smoke plumes  were blurry.  Perhaps it was because I was so excited to have this plant whose pictures in catalogs and books filled me with burning desire.

There are actually two of these plants planted in front of Jane's dark purple iris.  You can have your winning lottery ticket.  For a plant person like me, this is winning big!

The Latin name for this plant is Geum triflorum. True to the name the flowers come in threes.  It is a semi-evergreen perennial.  I confess I had to look that one up.  It means that the old leaves die when the new leaves form.  This picture was taken on May 6. This fantastic plant has been  flowering for a month even though the weather has been  extremely erratic.

It was April 30 when this picture was taken.  I carefully tidied up around the plants and redid the stone beforehand.  Let's just say I was overexcited when I wrote Prairie Fire instead of Prairie Smoke.  Oops!  It is easy to see that there are two individual plants here.  One is much larger than the other.

I'm fairly sure that the water droplets on this newly emerged Prairie Smoke came from melted frost.  I have been enjoying this delightful native wildflower for two whole months.  Maybe love's passionate flame goes up in smoke, but it certainly is glorious while it lasts!

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