Friday, June 19, 2020

Self Planted

It should come as no surprise that most of the plants growing in any garden are there as a result of no action by the gardener.  Feeding birds spill as many seeds as they eat.  Wind shakes free countless seeds.  Most of these self planted seeds produce weeds but sometimes genuine beauty is the result.  Foxgloves are widespread in our gardens but we planted none of them recently.  Location dictates that some are weeded out while others are treasured.  These are of an unusual color that was not accurately captured by the camera.  Growing on the edge of a stone path adjacent to a rich planting bed, these plants have found everything they need to flourish.

Recently we cleared a bed that had lain fallow for two years.  We needed a place to plant pie pumpkins and butternut squash.  These sunflowers were found here as a result of no action on our part and they will remain.  Years ago Becky operated a pet store that sold tons of a high quality bird seed purchased from Apple's Aviary.  Plants like these first appeared under our bird feeder.  They are robust and tall with many flowers on each plant.  We find them to be an excellent garden flower and allow them to grow if their presence will not interfere with chosen garden subjects.  More plants than needed hold this area and we will leave them mostly alone.  We did bring in chopped leaves to both smother new weeds and keep the soil rich and moist.  When the squash and pumpkin plants take over this area, the height of the sunflowers should allow them to grow and flower.

These pinks make seed by the millions.  They are allowed to grow largely unchecked in this bed in front of the house.  We are considering introducing them down by the road.  Seed heads will be cut at the appropriate time and simply placed on the ground.  This riot of color will follow the next year and every year after that.

A close up picture reveals both the flower's form and intense color.  Not bad for a pernicious weed.

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L or D said...

Love those foxgloves. As a kid, we used to put one flower on each finger. Not sure why. . .