Friday, May 5, 2017

The Scent Of Clove On The Breeze

These native Buffalo Currant bushes make this one of the truly special times of the year.  Their small bright yellow flowers are cheery enough but the scent they emit is sweet beyond description.  A light breeze will carry this smell of cloves for a considerable distance.  Walking into that cloud is always an unexpected pleasure while working in the garden.

The pictured plant was transplanted two years ago.  Our plan was to combine spearmint with clove currants in a circular bed in the middle of the pasture.  Since the bushes send out deep runners while the mint runs nearer the surface, we felt that both would prosper together.  As an added bonus, Dame's Rocket was planted in the center between the three currant bushes.  It appears that every seed grew so now we have considerable weeding that needs to be done soon.  We find the evening scent of the rocket pleasant so we will put up with this aggressive roadside escapee from colonial gardens.

This plant has held this location for many years.  It as well as our mature trees suffer from the same affliction.  A pale grayish green growth grows uncontrollably on old wood.  It spells a certain death for both the trees and the bushes.  The process is slow so we have years to enjoy both the bushes and the trees.  They will likely outlast us here.

Despite good intentions, it seems that there is always at least one potted plant that spends the winter above ground.  An unrecognizable dead stick is the usual result.  In this instance we have a clove currant that patiently awaits placement somewhere.  Perhaps a spot along an old fence line near the arbutus wall would meet this plants requirements.  If a couple of Summer Sweets were also planted there we would have three of our favorite scents in one location.

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