Sunday, May 28, 2017

A Fleeting Garden Visit, Photos By Amy

I have a thing for purple alliums.  What can beat round balls of purple star like flowers?

Being related to onions you might expect these flowers to have an unfortunate aroma, but to me they kind of smell like grapes.   Although their leaves are already yellow, these round balls will look neat even after the purple fades and the seed capsules form.

My deep purple meadow sage plants are looking spectacular right now!  These unusually shaped flowers don't seem to have a scent.  They really don't need it since the foliage has the plant equivalent of BO.  The pollinator that is attracted to this plant likes a strong scent!

It seems like every year spring flies by faster.  Here we are at the end of May.  It is too early to do some things in the garden and too late to do others.  Some flowers have already had their time to bloom and disappeared until next year.  Others didn't get to bloom this year at all.  The most important thing is to take the time to smell the flowers and appreciate their beauty while you can.  I would recommend that you sniff an allium if you get the chance.  In my opinion meadow sage is best appreciated from a distance.  Today Amy discovered that the lovely white flowers of snow in summer have a great fragrance.  I have grown the plant for more than 30 years and never noticed.  Our time spent in the garden today was short, but it was wonderful to be there together!

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Indie said...

May is always a crazy time, and I don't often pause to sniff the flowers. I'll have to go out and smell my alliums now - I don't think I've ever thought to smell one, with them being in the onion family!