Friday, May 1, 2015

Pink Arbutus Flowers

Pink buds opened to reveal pink flowers.  This arbutus was transplanted here in 2011.  It has only displayed white flowers in the past.  Why pink and why now are questions without answers.  We believe this plant to be male but after our earlier gender confusion we will watch and hopefully learn.

These white blossoms do show a trace of pink coloration on the newly opening flower and nearby bud.  We will watch to see if pink fades to white tomorrow.  The green disc centered at the base of the flower may grow into the pollen gathering organ.  If that happens, then the green disc is an early marker for female flowers.  We believe that we can tell the difference correctly now but we need to check and verify our accuracy.

The tan fuzzies at the base of this flower may produce the pollen.  We will watch to see if yellow pollen does form here.  May is an extremely busy time for us and we have never taken the time to look at arbutus flowers as they reach sexual maturity.  One of our goals is to take pictures of male flowers loaded with pollen.  If successful, we will be seeing arbutus pollen for the very first time.

On May 18, 2011, we transplanted four wild arbutus plants in this location.  This is how they look four years later.  It is now impossible to determine exactly where one plant ends and the next begins.  A fifth plant that grew from seed is also part of this wild appearing patch of healthy plants.  When the wind is right, the scent from these flowers can be enjoyed from a distance.  All is right with this part of our world.

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Beth @ PlantPostings said...

They're beautiful! Lucky you to have a sizeable collection of them.