Monday, March 9, 2015

Seeds To Soil At Last

Waiting patiently for the snow to melt is no longer an option.  A garbage can was filled with our best soil mix last fall so that we would have options on a day like today.  Each pot was filled with delicious smelling soil and four lettuce seeds were carefully planted.  Various leaf varieties were chosen since these plants will spend their entire lives in the pot.  The only rational justification for planting today is the emotional boost derived from the time spent near soil.  Early lettuce trimmings will be a tasty addition to salads but their quantity will be limited.  A moisture trapping clear plastic dome now covers the tray and florescent  lights on a timer will draw the seedlings out of the soil.  We are under way with our next garden.

A finger bowl scented geranium has spent the winter looking out on the winter.  Soon we will start taking various cuttings to supply new beginnings for the coming season.  Last year I saw a woman shoveling snow that had slid from the roof onto her garden.  I understood her impatience then and I am dealing with some of that myself now.

Clear skies, warm air and bright sunlight are working together to melt the snow.  Nothing looks wet since the snow holds the melt water.  At some point soon we are going to see running water but for today just looking at my collection of transported stones lifts my spirits.

Stone walls and sunlight are creating ever changing sculptures using snow on top of the walls.  That far south facing wall is nearly clear of its white cover.  The complete lack of footprints in the snow attests to the fact that everything in sight has only been shaped by natural processes.  That first look at garden soil is still days away.  We really need to see just how the perennial plants survived record snowfall and record cold.  A few more days like this one, or perhaps just a little warmer, would be perfect!

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Beth at PlantPostings said...

Your photos show the power of the sun in the late winter and early spring. It won't be long now! Cheers to spring!