Monday, March 2, 2015

I Feel The Need...

 The snow outside reminds me of the old  song, "I'm being eaten by a boa constrictor ... " . We are slowly approaching "Oh heck. I'm up to my neck."  I look out over the snow covered garden and I feel the need, the need to weed!  I found just what I needed. Wood sorrel, one of the weeds that I battle in the garden every year, was growing in my pot of society garlic.  I got my garden claw and nippers.  I hardly needed big tools for the tiny weeds, but it was my happiness that was the issue here.  I purposely left the gloves in my garden cart. I wanted to get my hands dirty and some dirt under my nails.

There's not a lot of dirt in the pot, but I did get my hands a little dirty and a little bit of dirt under my nails.  I also found scale on the plant.  I can't tell you the satisfaction I felt scraping those little suckers off the plant with my fingernails.  I know the house plant experts say to toss a plant that has scale, but this plant was a Mother's Day gift and I have had it for years.

I left the plant looking like this.  It thanked me by releasing its scent when I watered it. It's not an aroma I would dab behind my ears, but I loved it just the same.  I'm sure I didn't kill all the scale on this plant, but the weeds are gone. The plant is trimmed.  I don't know if the plant feels better, but I know I do.  As for the scale,  "I'll be back!"

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Indie said...

That is a very apt description of how much snow we've gotten! I did some winter sowing yesterday, and it was so great just to play in the dirt and plant something, even if it won't come up for possibly another couple of months.