Saturday, March 28, 2015

Oh Deer! When Will It Be My Thyme In The Garden?

The thick layer of snow in the garden is finally beginning to recede.  It's moving a little like a glacier, but faster thank goodness.  We never got a cage on my tree peony last fall.  When the snow uncovered it, the deer gave it a hard trim. It  happened before in 2008.  I have never been sure if or how to cut it back.  This year that decision has been made for me.  Either way what's done is done!

These two deer  have spent their time close to the house and garden since last summer when they were beautiful spotted fawns.  Apparently their Mom is smarter than average and knows a safe spot when she finds one. We see the three of them often.  I spotted these two nibbling on the magnolia bush.  I said, " Please leave the magnolia alone, we won't have any flowers.  Come over and trim the thyme instead."  Yes, I talk to the deer, but imagine my surprise when they did exactly what I suggested.

There she is looking at me with that doe-eyed look and my red creeping thyme dangling from her mouth.  Mother Nature has been hard on us and them this year. The deer are so hungry that they are eating plants that they usually ignore!  I guess I can wait for my thyme in the garden.  We have a temporary truce as long as they leave the magnolia alone and stay out of my shade garden.  I will be watching, ready to speak sharply to them when necessary. I save Ed for back-up!


Beth @ PlantPostings said...

She must have been listening to you. You still have quite a bit of snow. Ours is mainly melted again, but it sounds like we'll have freezing rain tomorrow. I'm hoping that will be it for wintry precipitation. Time for April showers! ;-)

Donna@Gardens Eye View said...

What a beauty she is. I do have to cover many things so the deer will trim where my garden needs deer are not good at listening.