Friday, April 5, 2013

Now We're Talking Spring

Yesterday, Ed thought it warm enough to spend time in the garden.  He found in most places the ground was still frozen.   I went outside for awhile in the afternoon. I did a little clean up, but mostly I walked around with the camera.   I took this incredibly promising shot of the Siberian squill.  The deep blue of the buds is just a small preview of the flowers to come.  As I walked around I noticed that the snow drop and crocus flowers were closed up tight.  They thought it was chilly and I had to agree.  I like it in the garden when it is warm enough for the flowers to be open and the bees buzzing.

Today started out cold again, but the sun warmed things up and we just had to be out there.  Ed placed his tray of new lettuce plants on the wall for some time outside.  We eagerly await the chance to plant these out in the garden, but for now just looking at these beautiful baby lettuce plants makes me happy.  From the Flashy Trout Back  in the front to the red and green types in the back they are a promise of a season of delectable salads from the garden.

This afternoon the sun warmed the crocus flowers enough to make them open.  The bees in the neighborhood arrived right on schedule.

These delicate purple striped Pickwick crocuses are my favorite.  We don't have too many of them because the deer like them too.  If they find them before we do, they get nipped in the bud.   Some of these flowers and  lovely striped leaves were nibbled on before we added a cage.  These flowers will close back up tonight and be ready for another grand opening tomorrow.  

Many of my Dutch iris are blooming beautifully now.  The bees have taken notice of them as well.  Some are blooming but others have just started to come up.  These hearty flowers love this kind of weather.  They are a spring delight that lasts longer in  chilly weather and I love them for it!

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DeVona said...

I loved your garden tour! So far, I've only seen snowdrops and crocus in my border ( no iris or Siberian squill) so its a pleasure to see yours in bloom! We do have some daffodils and tulip spears emerging. Spring is welcome to sty and linger awhile!