Saturday, April 20, 2013

Extremely Pretty In Purple

I ventured out with the camera today to get a shot of these purple trout lilies.  Yellow trout lilies grow in the woods here, but when I saw that they came in purple, I just had to have them.  It hasn't been easy.  These bulbs are prone to being eaten by critters, so Ed fashioned a closed wire box to encase the bulbs under ground.  Last year the leaves of this plant got frosted hard.  If it had flowers, they got  got eaten.  I never saw them.  This year an above ground cage was added give additional protection  for this beauty.  The temperature is likely to drop into the twenties tonight.  I hope these lovely pink flowers can take it.  Their yellow relatives have not tried to bloom as yet.  After I took the picture, I returned the cage.  I hope the rest of the buds on this plant will get their chance to open.  If not, we got to enjoy pretty purple flowers today!

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